Are NFTs a scam?

Are NFTs a scam? This is a question we have been asked many times since we made the decision to sell some of our artists’ work via this channel.

So, here is the quick answer – OUR NFTs are NOT A SCAM. They are an additional route to market for our artists who are already selling their art traditionally and as downloads.

What exactly are our NFTs

Our NFTs contain unwatermarked JPEGs of the the artist’s original work. You will notice that all of the stand alone promotional images are watermarked just like this picture of “The Wish” by Cheryl Olver.

The Wish by Cheryl Olver
The Wish by Cheryl Olver

The unwatermarked version is secured and only accessible by owners of the NFT, Download Artwork and The Artist. It is essentially a link a file on the cloud which can be used in line with the NFT’s terms.

All of our NFTs are transferable which means you can sell them and most of them are limited edition.

All of the NFTs contain a high quality image of the Artist’s work which means you can download, print (at a reputable online printer) and frame the artwork. Just like you would if you downloaded the file directly from our shop.

Whilst most of our NFTs are for private use only some have full commercial rights – you can read more about this in our blog.

By offering our art as an NFT we provide a route to market for artists to consumers s who want to pay with Crypto Currency. It’s as simple as that. We believe this market has such a huge potential it would a mistake to ignore it.

What about other NFT suppliers and NFT artists?

OK – so our NFTs are all legitimate pieces of art which can be traced back to the artist but what about others? Well we simply can’t answer that. There is obviously a lot of “noise” and “hype” in the NFT market. That is no different to any other market.

Our advise is that you buy something you like because you like it – and not as an investment.

We also advise you check out the seller as best as you can. All of our art is sold via our company, Download Artwork and the art is approved for sale by the artists. The artists all get the majority of the sales price for the sale of their NFT. Just like they do with digital downloads of their art.

We hope this helps but if you have any questions please contact us.