“My god it’s full of stars” -A 2001 A Space Odyssey inspired collection

We are delighted to launch the “My god it’s full of stars collection” by Seeress. Inspired by Arthur C Clarke’s novel, 2001: A space Odyssey this collection of unique abstracts are all single edition NFTs. In addition the buyer gets full commercial rights of the artwork within the NFT.

The first 3 piece are now available on OpenSea.


Monolith is a wonderful black and white fractal abstract featuring a monolith with the same proportions as the novel: 4 by 9.

The dimension of the first monolith in the novel were 1 foot by 4 feet by 9 feet – which is the square of the first 3 prime number.

Take a look at the swirling fractals and stars in Monolith on OpenSea here.

Monolith NFT Fractal Abstract Art by Seeress
Monolith. Single Edition full rights NFT by Seeress


Portal is a black and white fractal abstract depicting a circular star gate portal in space – in the vicinity of a black hole.

The circle is considered to be a perfect shape because of it’s symmetry and is the perfect addition to this collection.

Take a look at the wonders of Portal on OpenSea here.

Fractal Abstract Art Portal
Portal. Single Edition full rights NFT by Seeress


The triangle. A symbol of power and strength. Stars rush towards to Apex of the triangle in this wonderful artwork by Seeress.

Could we be seeing a glimpse of the alien civilization in the backgroud?

Take a look at Apex on OpenSea here.

Black and White fractal abstract NFT Apex
Apex. Single Edition full rights NFT by Seeress