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Mind Meld NFT premium art now exclusive to Opensea

Vibrant Abstract Digital Artwork - Mind Meld Original modern digital artwork and part of our luminous art collection.

We are delighted to announce that the Premium Collection abstract artwork, Mind Meld is now exclusively available on Opensea.

The NFT listing contains the original digital file securely stored in unlockable content which is only accessible by the owner of the NFT.

Controlled watermarked versions have been used for advertising to prevent copyright theft.

There are no unauthorised unmarked digital copies of Mind Meld in circulation.

There are no commercial copies of Mind Meld in circulation.

This is a unique opportunity to exclusively own the international digital rights to Mind Meld.

Add Mind Meld to your Art and NFT collection here:

If you have any questions about Mind Meld please contact Claire at Linkedin here.