Paranormal artwork

It’s National Paranormal Day in the USA today and we are celebrating it with two wonderful pieces of printable art by Michael Paul Bennett.

Telepathic Dreams

First, we have the amazing Telepathic Dreams where Michael uses contrasting yellows and greens to create the ultimate visual vibration.

Telepathic Dreams in large room
Telepathic Dreams by Michael Paul Bennett

This amazing vibrant abstract will bring any wall too life! See more of Telepathic Dreams here.

Alien Mind Melt

There’s nothing “Grey” in Michael’s take on the archetypal Zeta Reticulan alien form.

Alien Mind Melt in Nook
Alien Mind Melt by Michael Paul Bennett

Michael uses a multitude of vibrant colors to add further mystique and paranormal power to this elusive being. Take a further look at Alien Mind Melt here.