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Love is the Truest Health | Typographic


Love is the Truest Health | Typographic


Frame Ratio

Frame ratio width : height is 1.00 : 1.25

Pixels and Size

Can be printed up to a maximum size of: H: 31.25 inches (79.4 cm) W: 25.00 inches (62.5 cm) Without any loss in quality. 5.4 MB.


Private use.


Download link supplied upon payment. Product may be downloaded up to 3 times. Link expires after 3 days.

Typographic Art – Love Now “3” is part of our “Live Every Moment Now” collection of printable art. Featuring the following quote from Rumi, “If you want to be more alive, love is the truest health.”

Get positive vibes and focus on the present with our unique collection.

Printable wall art is the smart and affordable way buy artwork. You can print them at home or at an online print shop.

Once purchased you will receive a download link for a high quality image which you can print however you like*.

Each piece of art in this collection can be printed up to a maximum size of:

H: 31.25 inches (79.4 cm).

W: 25.00 inches (62.5 cm).

So you can print as large – or a small as you like.

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Frames are for illustrative purpose only – you print and frame this artwork exactly to suit your needs!

*private use only.


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