Space Artwork

It’s May 4th – Starwars Day. Celebrate it now with a cosmic trio of artwork from our Luminous Art Collection.

Why not consider these 3 original pieces of artwork to begin your intergalactic collection.

Cosmic Storm

First up, Cosmic Storm. Outer space is a dangerous but beautiful place as Michael Paul Bennett demonstrates in this striking piece of printable digital art.

This vibrant digital artwork looks stunning either traditionally framed on printed directly onto acrylic by your favourite online printer.

Blue and Black Abstract Photography Cosmic Storm
Cosmic Storm by Michael Paul Bennett

Black Hole

Continuing with the “danger and beauty” theme we have “Black Hole” where luminous greens are sucked towards the centre of the stellar body.

The use of white and subtle browns make this one of our more “serene” pieces of Luminous Art.

Abstract Digital Artwork Black Hole Swirling green brown and white abstract on black
Black Hole by Michael Paul Bennett

Warp Core

We need to eject the warp core captain! Not on my watch. The warp core is a must have for any sci-fi enthusiast and looks particulay good in your study or home office.

Warp Core by MIchael Paul Bennett
Warp Core by Michael Paul Bennett

These 3 pieces are just a small sample of sci-fi related Luminous Art.

Whatever artwork you want this is the place to Download Artwork and begin your digital collection of printable art.