Tommy Now available as exclusive NFT on Opensea

We are delighted to announce that the digital rights for Tommy are now available to buy in a one-off exclusive NFT on OpenSea.

One of a kind emotive photographic artwork of Ray Lonsdale’s sculpture “1101” (Tommy) using colour and light to create drama whilst also conveying sensitivity. The artwork depicts a pensive and sombre Great War soldier sitting on an ammunition box, with downcast eyes, holding the barrel of his grounded rifle in his right hand during the first minute of peace as the armistice came into force.

This nostalgic NFT is perfect for a serious art collector, war memorabilia collector, military veterans, commercial business, branding agency or anyone who values and respects the sanctity of peace.

SkyArts have crowned Seaham’s Tommy statue the UK’s best piece of outdoor artwork and we believe this will make this NFT become very popular.

This NFT is the original JPG file which is 13500 x 9000 and 36.8 MB.

The owner of this NFT will have international commercial rights to the digital image with the watermark removed via a link in the NFT’s unlockable content. No further copies of this NFT will be minted by us.

The digital image is currently available for private use only from our website but once this NFT is purchased we will redirect all interest in the digital image to the purchaser.

Once this NFT is purchased we will no longer sell the digital image but the original artist will be permitted to sell a small amount of printed and framed art in the UK only.

Click on the link to take you directly to Opensea.