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All Messed Up – Orange and Yellow Printable Art on Black Background


All Messed Up – Orange and Yellow Printable Art on Black Background


Instant Download – Printable Art

Messed up is not a bad thing, it just means there’s something unusual about the pattern. This piece by Michael Paul Bennett called ‘All Messed Up’ offers a twist on the rainbow and vortex style. Within this piece of art it features oranges and yellows that swirl in varying degrees to create something new and interesting each time you look at this piece of art! The artist’s intent was to convey the idea that there is beauty in something ‘messed up’, rather than perfect symmetry.

Size Ratio

Frame width to height ration 1.5:1

Pixels and Size

2 files:
13500 x 9000 – 45 inches x 30 inches – 21.0 MB
4500 x 3000 – 15 inches x 10 inches – 5.7 MB


Private use


Instant download link sent by email following payment. Please download and save somewhere safe within 3 days before your private link expires.

Orange and Yellow Printable Art – ‘All Messed Up’ – Luminous Art Infinite Collection by Michael Paul Bennett.

Oranges and yellows swirl and collide in this masterpiece by Michael Paul Bennett.

This is Luminous Art at its best and a must have for any collector.

This Luminous Artwork will look amazing in any room in your home.

Two printable files provided for your convenience:

  • JPG 13500 x 9000 (prints up to 45 inches x 30 inches)
  • JPG 4500 x 3000 (prints up to 15 inches x 10 inches)

Also available as a single edition (1/1) NFT on OpenSea here. Buying this NFT will result in future digital download sales ceasing making the NFT the only future source of this artwork.

Frame for illustrative purposes only.

Remember you can print and frame our artwork however you like so you can make your wall art look perfect.

Please contact us if you need any help in deciding which artwork to buy for your home.

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