Angel Of The North – Downloadable Digital Artwork Photography

Size Guide

This fine artwork can be printed as large or as small as you need. Simply download and print at home or upload to your trusted online printer.

The size guide chart below shows the smallest and largest sizes you can print this artwork at without any loss in quality.

Portrait 13500 x 9000


Angel Of The North – Downloadable Digital Artwork Photography


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England Photography – Angel Sunset. Dramatic sunset photography featuring the Angel of the North in North East England.

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Frame for illustrative purposes only.

Once you purchase the image you can reprint at any size up to 45 inches (114.3 cm) wide by 30 inches (76.2 cm) tall.

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Size Ratio

Print width to height ratio 1.5:1.0


This Artwork is in colour.


Can comfortably be reproduced up to approximately 45 inches (114.3 cm) by 30 inches (76.2 cm).


300 dpi


Purchased product may be reproduced for private use only and may not be shared with the public or be used for business purposes. Please contact us for enhanced licensing options.


Download link supplied upon payment. Product may be downloaded up to 3 times. Link expires after 3 days.

File size

43.4 MB