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Divine Mother Art | Printable Art


Divine Mother Art | Printable Art


Instant Download – Printable Art

Introducing ‘Of Rooks and Regalia’ by Cheryl Olver, a stunning piece of divine mother art that is sure to make an impact. Featuring a strong, powerful woman adorned with a crown and holding an orb and sceptre, this artwork is truly regal. The lion by her side adds an additional layer of meaning, representing strength, courage and determination. This artwork is perfect for anyone who wants to feel inspired and motivated. It’s a great way to fill any space with positive energy and good vibes. Whether you hang it in your home or office, ‘Of Rooks and Regalia’ is sure to make a statement.

Size Ratio

Print width to height ratio 1 : 1.33

Pixels and Size

Can comfortably be reproduced up to approximately 21.3 inches (54.2 cm) by 28.4 inches (72.3 cm) – 766 kb.
Note – original artwork created by Cheryl Olver at 72 dpi.


Private use


Instant download link sent by email following payment. Please download and save somewhere safe within 3 days before your private link expires.

Inspired by power and preservation, Cheryl Olver’s unique divine mother art ‘Of Rooks and Regalia’ is a bold, thought-provoking print. The focal point of the artwork depicts a woman wearing a crown and holding an orb and sceptre in her left hand. Along with a majestic lion, both objects are representative of sovereignty and power. In the background, a rook lingers representing a powerful protective force as rook is also a term for the castle piece in chess. Throughout, a nurturing element prevails with the portrayal of the eggs and the vulnerability of the emerging flora. This striking artwork will bring colour and inspiration to any room.

Printable artwork exclusive to download from Download Artwork.

Frame for illustrative purposes only.

Please contact us if you would like help purchasing art for your room.

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