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Gaming Room Wall Art | Lives


In stock

Gaming Room Wall Art | Lives


Frame Ratio

Frame ratio width : height is 1.00 : 1.25 for each piece

Pixels and Size

Each piece can be printed up to a maximum size of: H: 31.25 inches (79.4 cm) W: 25.00 inches (62.5 cm) Without any loss in quality.


Private use


Download link supplied upon payment. Product may be downloaded up to 3 times. Link expires after 3 days.

Gaming Room Wall Art – Lives. Time to reminisce with our 80’s themed Retro Printable Artwork. Remember the video game, Space Invaders? Brighten up your wall with a nostalgic feel.

Two pieces of “80’s arcade style” artwork (for the normal price of one) featuring the video game phrase “Lives” and retro video game hearts.

Printable wall art is the smart and affordable way buy artwork. You can print them at home or at an online print shop.

Once purchased you will receive a download link for two high quality images which you can print however you like*.

Each piece of art in this collection can be printed up to a maximum size of:

H: 31.25 inches (79.4 cm).

W: 25.00 inches (62.5 cm).

So you can print as large – or a small as you like.

This printable art also looks amazing printed onto your phone case, cup and clothes!


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