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Stars and Stripes Print | Abstract Art


Stars and Stripes Print | Abstract Art


Size Ratio

Print width to height ratio 4:3

Pixels and Size

10000 x 7500 – 33.33 inches x 25 inches – 10.2 MB


Original JPEG with full private and international commercial rights. International commercial rights means you can reprint and sell the reprints and you can sell digital copies of the artwork. You CANNOT mint an NFT containing this artwork.


Instant download link sent by email following payment. Please download and save somewhere safe within 3 days before your private link expires.

Stars and Stripes Print by Seeress. A fractal twist on the American flag.

Alternatively you can buy this as a single edition NFT from here.

The single edition NFT also contains the unwatermarked JPEG which you can download, print and frame.

Please contact us if you need any help in deciding which artwork to buy for your home.


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