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Step into the past with our digitally remastered print of ‘Dear Old Dixie Moon’. This piece, with its enhanced details and vibrant colors, is a tribute to vintage Americana. Perfect for art collectors, music lovers, and anyone who appreciates the charm of yesteryear. Crafted by UK artists and printed locally in your country, it’s a must-have for your home or a thoughtful gift. Experience the beauty of history with our dedication to digital excellence.

  • Environmentally friendly art
  • Premium and Sustainably Sourced Materials
  • Each piece made to order with cutting-edge equipment & software
  • Created in the UK and printed and framed in your country making our art more sustainable
  • Digital Downloads are instant – quality mailed prints take 5 to 10 days
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Dear old Dixie Moon Wall Art

Dear old Dixie Moon Digitally Remastered Vintage Art

Rediscover the allure of ‘Dear Old Dixie Moon’ with our meticulously crafted digital print. The cherished illustration has been expertly enhanced to accentuate the main subject, infusing the classic artwork with a contemporary vibrancy. The once subtle details and hues now stand out, transforming it into an eye-catching centerpiece that invites admiration and dialogue.

This artwork is perfect for aficionados of vintage Americana. It’s an essential addition for vintage art collectors, music lovers who find solace in the echoes of yesteryear, and anyone who holds a fondness for the elegance of a bygone age.

Envision this enchanting print gracing the walls of your intimate reading corner, infusing warmth into your home office, or bringing life to a music sanctuary. It’s also an ideal present for someone who treasures artistic craftsmanship and historical significance.

Artisanally Created by UK Talent: A Tribute to Digital Mastery.

Our collection is rooted in a dedication to the craft of digital rejuvenation. Our small team of UK artists honors each piece’s legacy and is fervent about its renaissance. Our digital reproductions transcend mere replication; they are thoughtfully crafted experiences, tailored to captivate today’s discerning art enthusiast.

We carefully select the medium and dimensions that best convey the artwork’s spirit for its physical rendition. Each digitally restored masterpiece is a testament to our devotion, handled with meticulous care and precision. We strive to maintain the original’s authenticity while elevating its allure for contemporary admirers. In instances where it benefits the artwork, we employ digital techniques to meticulously remove any imperfections, ensuring an immaculate presentation.

Your engagement with the art is our top priority. For any questions regarding this piece or if you desire a digital zoom-in, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to enhancing your artistic exploration.

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Printable Art:

We provide you with 5 files to make printing really easy:

  • An A4 image ready to print at home. Super simple to print on your printer.
  • A 1:1 image which you can reprint in any square frame up to 20″ x 20″
  • A 3:4 image which you can reprint in common sizes such as – 9″ x 12″, 12″ x 16″, 15″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″
  • A 4:5 image which you can reprint in common sizes such as – 8″ x 10″, 12″ x 15″, 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 25″
  • A 5:7 image which you can reprint in common sizes such as – 5″ x 7″, 10″ x 14″, 15″ x 21″, 20″ x 28″

5 Zipped JPEGs in total.

Frames are for illustrative purpose only – you print and frame this artwork exactly to suit your needs!

*private use or ONE reprint in ONE commercial space.

Contact us if you need any help finding artwork.

No refunds after digital files have been sent but please contact us if you have any problems and we will resolve them for you.


50 x 50cm / 20×20″
– This print is on high quality canvas and printed in your country to ensure safe delivery.
– Our coated fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester, for our canvas substrate which provides a weight of approximately 300-350gsm/110-130lb cover and a thickness of 350-400 microns, giving you a sturdy and durable product.
– Zero waste. This is a custom print on demand canvas which is kinder to the planet.

General Features:

– Mailed Paper Print, Framed Print or Canvas.
– Each paper print, framed print or canvas is shipped in robust packaging, ensuring it arrives safe and secure.
– Sizes: See options in the Size menu. *** Please contact us if you required a custom size ***
– Tracking number provided once shipped.
– Final printing colors may vary ever so slightly to what you see on your screen.
– Sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters. If in doubt please contact us before ordering.

Contact us if you need any help with our environmentally friendly printable artwork or our sustainably produced mailed artwork.

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