Getting to know you – Michael Lee Vickers

Welcome to our first article in our “Getting to know you” series where we catch up with amazing artists. In the first of the series we would like to introduce you to the talented Michael Lee Vickers (Mike). Mike goes by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics at the local trade fairs and on Etsy.

Michael Lee Vickers
Michael Lee Vickers aka Mike’s Twisted Acrylics

Mike is an amazing abstract artist who specializes in using acrylic paint to create unique, dramatic art pieces. He also utilises brush work, sponge pointillism with ink.


Take a look at the vibrant Gecko. Mike skillfully uses a predominately red acrylic pour with complementary yellows and oranges to make an explosive background. In the foreground sits a cleverly designed Gecko augmented with complementary blues and detailed with precise pointillism.

Gecko by Mikes Twisted Acrylics
Gecko on 14 x 18 Canvas by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics

Working from his home studio in Dallas, Texas Mike designs and builds his own rigs. These are unique to his style and sometimes specific to one piece of artwork.

Inspired by celestial and cosmos themes, Mike enjoys using a unique starburst style in his signature artwork. He aspires to create exclusive, eye-catching pieces which are appealing to the observer.


This is perfectly demonstrated in Prism where Mike cleverly creates his starburst effect and a colourful vertical prism background from a single pour.

Prism by Mikes Twisted Acrylics
Prism on 12 x 14 Canvas by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics

With his appealing artwork, it is impossible to tell that Mike has had no formal art training. He simply utilizes his 20 years experience in installing window film and artwork in custom decorative films. He combines this with his knowledge of customizing automotive paint. A perfectionist by nature, Mike uses his previous work backgrounds in mixing consistencies and formulas in his compositions.


Caterpillar clearly demonstrates these skills. This wonderfully interwoven abstract cleverly uses both complementary and contrasting colours which draw you into the subject.

Caterpillar by Mikes Twisted Acrylics
Caterpillar 12 x 14 canvas by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics

Having been inspired and passionate about creating art from a young age, it is only recently that Mike has been able to realise his dreams and pursue his passion. Mike’s mind is full of creative, unique projects which he is now bringing to fruition.

Weird Space

One of Mike’s latest masterpieces is Weird Space which draws on all of his experience to create a celestial feast for the eyes. A double pour, complementary and contrasting colours in just the right places, and brush work, sponge work and splatters for the finer details. This artwork speaks for itself.

Weird Space
Weird Space 12 x 14 canvas by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Mike and his amazing artwork. We have enjoyed getting to know him. Take a look at Mike’s portfolio here and please follow him on Instagram here. You will be delighted.

Neon Intrusions
Neon Intrusions 20 x 16 Canvas by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics