Duncan Young Fractal Artist


In the latest of “our getting to know you” series we are delighted to have caught up with Duncan Young. Based in Northampton, England, Duncan is a highly talented digital artist specialising in Fractals and 3D. Duncan’s introduction into art stemmed from his enthusiasm for photography. He found the process of taking photos and editing […]

Swirling Meadow Printable Art

What does non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ownership mean?

What does non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ownership mean? In understanding what NFT ownership means you need to understand what NFTs are. If you don’t then please check out our article here. In answering this question we are purely looking at what NFT ownership means for NFTs in the art industry. NFTs in the art industry contain […]

The Great Disturbance Luminous Art


NFTs can be really good for artists and in this article we look at 4 reasons why artists should consider them. We assume you already know what an NFT in the art industry is – if you don’t please check out our article here. Access to NFT Art Collectors This is the obvious reason. Like […]

Aura Explosion Blue Red Luminous Art

What are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the art industry?

We like to describe NFTs in the Art Industry as Smart Contracts stored within a Blockchain – in particular (but not exclusively) the Ethereum Blockchain. These are generally accessible via Online Marketplaces. Let’s look at each of those 4 terms in a bit more detail. Smart Contracts A smart contract is an agreement between two […]