In the latest of “our getting to know you” series we are delighted to have caught up with Duncan Young. Based in Northampton, England, Duncan is a highly talented digital artist specialising in Fractals and 3D.

Duncan’s introduction into art stemmed from his enthusiasm for photography. He found the process of taking photos and editing them using Lightroom and occasionally Photoshop to be a safe place – a sanctuary to forget about life’s problems. After some experimentation, Duncan discovered photobashing/ composites and he immediately combined the two, using his photos and others, which he discovered online, to make a completely different image. Experimenting with this form of art for about 2 years, a lot of his time was spent looking at certain images from the right perspective and lighting to create unique scenes and objects in 3D.

Fractal Fine Art

Duncan stumbled on creating fractals in 3D and was amazed by the effects and possibilities using Mandelbulb3D and most recently Mandelbulber. Using the technical and creative skills he has built up over the last few years Duncan is building an artistically impressive collection of Digital Fine Art such as ‘Fractal Eye’ which is available to purchase as a high quality digital download or single edition NFT on OpenSea.

Fractal Eye Artwork by Duncan Young
‘Fractal Eye’ by Duncan Young

3D Modern Art

Investing in more powerful equipment has encouraged Duncan to become more adventurous and push himself artistically. His expertise in Blender coming into the forefront with his latest original series – The Plasma Collection.

Orange and Green Abstract by Duncan Young
‘Smile Now Orange and Green’ – by Duncan Young

In The Plasma Collection Duncan uses his understanding of ‘Blender’ and expertise in utilising light and colour to create totally unique Fine Art abstracts which look amazing on any wall. Furthermore, with his appreciation of the ‘modern art consumer’ Duncan has created special crops for mobile phones and made each piece of work available as a single edition NFT on OpenSea.

Duncan finds motivation in sharing his work with those who appreciate it. He finds it incredibly rewarding to know that someone has been immersed in artwork which he has created. We absolutely love Duncan’s artwork and are very fortunate to have curated a number of his pieces which you can view here.