Monolith NFT Fractal Abstract Art by Seeress

“My god it’s full of stars” -A 2001 A Space Odyssey inspired collection

We are delighted to launch the “My god it’s full of stars collection” by Seeress. Inspired by Arthur C Clarke’s novel, 2001: A space Odyssey this collection of unique abstracts are all single edition NFTs. In addition the buyer gets full commercial rights of the artwork within the NFT. The first 3 piece are now […]

Purple Ice by Cheryl Olver

Digital Vibez Collection of single edition abstract art by Cheryl Olver

We are delighted to launch a brand new collection of digital art by Cheryl Olver. The Digital Vibez Collection. Initially consisting of 13 pieces this is the first time Cheryl has launched a collection as a pure NFT collection and purely as single editions. This means that when you purchase the NFT you own the […]

Marina Barnes Feature


In the latest of our “getting to know you” series, we are delighted to catch up with the wonderfully talented Marina Barnes. We were totally amazed to find out that Marina has had no formal art education and has only been drawing since late 2018. Marina initially began to make presents for a her family […]

Vibrant Abstract Digital NFT Artwork Tortured Minds

Are NFTs a scam?

Are NFTs a scam? This is a question we have been asked many times since we made the decision to sell some of our artists’ work via this channel. So, here is the quick answer – OUR NFTs are NOT A SCAM. They are an additional route to market for our artists who are already […]

All Gather Round

Getting to know you – Michael Lee Vickers

Welcome to our first article in our “Getting to know you” series where we catch up with amazing artists. In the first of the series we would like to introduce you to the talented Michael Lee Vickers (Mike). Mike goes by Mike’s Twisted Acrylics at the local trade fairs and on Etsy. Mike is an […]

Coffee Bean NFT art by Michael Paul Bennett

Picture for a Kitchen Wall

The kitchen is a creative place and a place to have fun. That’s why we have the best on-trend artwork for your kitchen wall. Coffee Bean Take a look at Coffee Bean. This fun abstract is part of our Luminous Art Collection by Michael Paul Bennett an is currently available here. Need Wine Now Need […]