Artwork for Children’s Bedrooms

If you want some beautiful artwork for your child’s bedroom we have some amazing pieces of artwork by the talented Cheryl Olver – all of which are exclusive to download from Download Artwork.

Silver Pegasus

A beautiful Silver Pegasus surrounded by a shimmering pink sky could be the perfect picture for your daughter’s bedroom.

Silver Pegasus in childs room
Silver Pegasus by Cheryl Olver

The Lambton Worm

See John Lambton fight The Lambton Worm on Penshaw Hill. Wonderful fantasy art for your son’s room.

Lambton worm in child's room
The Lambton Worm by Cheryl Olver

Persian with Rose

A Persian with Rose is a perfect piece of soothing loving artwork which will look wonderful in a young child’s room.

Persian with Rose in Bedroom
Persian with Rose by Cheryl Olver

Remember! Once you have downloaded wall art from us it’s your to do as you please*. This means you can print it and frame it however you like. You can even send it to an online printer to print onto your child’s cup, bottle or lunch box!

*private use only. Please contact us for commercial digital downloads.