Beautiful Nursery Wall Art Prints: Whales

If you are looking for some beautiful nursery wall art then take a look at these 3 colourful digital prints by Seeress. Each piece features the blue whale is Seeress’ unique style.

Baby Blue Whale

Baby Blue Whale is a beautiful piece of digital art featuring a baby whale in vibrant blues and pinks which will surely liven up any nursery wall.

Baby blue whale
Baby Blue Whale by Seeress

Blue whale babies (calves) are the largest babies on the planet. New born blue whales weigh around 6,000 pounds and are already 8 meters long. You can print and frame Baby Blue Whale to perfectly match your wall here.

Colourful Blue Whale

Next we have a colourful adult blue whale. The adult blue whale can grow up to almost 30 meters long and is the largest animal ever to have known to have existed.

Seeress Large Blue Whale
Colourful Blue Whale by Seeress

A fully grown adult blue whale can weigh up to 300,000 pounds – that’s the combined weight of 30 elephants! Colourful Blue Whale is available as an instant download here.

Two Blue Whales

Finally we have two blue whales swimming together – a baby and it’s mother.

Two blue wales by Seeress
Two Blue Whales

Most of the time blue whales are seen alone or in pairs. Baby blue whales stay with their mother for around 6 months. Take a look at this beautiful wall art here.