Beautiful Cragside & Hadrians Wall Photography

We are delighted to bring you some new Cragside and Hadrians Wall Photography by Michael Paul Bennett. Beautiful printable wall art of Northumberland in the UK.

4 pictures of Hadrians Wall and 2 pictures of the Victorian country house, Cragside. Each can be printed and framed to perfectly match your room.

Hadrians Wall Printable Wall Art

Hadrian’s Wall is an impressive feat of Roman engineering, standing as a reminder of Ancient Rome’s presence in Britain. It was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD. Stretching 73 miles from the Irish Sea to the North Sea it is the most impressive Roman remains in Britain. From rugged cliff paths to hidden ruins, Hadrian’s Wall is full of fascinating places to explore. With its rich history and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder it is such a popular tourist destination and photographer’s dream.

The first photograph in this small collection is taken from the remains of milecastle 39 near the village of Once Brewed. The milecastle was built in the 2nd century AD and was first excavated during the early 1900s. It was part of a series of defensive structures built by the Romans in order to protect their territory from invading tribes. The troops were posted on rotation and consequently spent a month at a time on the wall.

This beautiful shot perfectly captures the dramatic Northumbrian countryside and can be purchased from our shop here.

Hadrians Wall Milecastle 39

Sycamore Gap

The next 3 pieces of printable photography are taken at Sycamore Gap, which lies to the east of Milecastle 39.

When exploring the beautiful and historic landscape of Hadrian’s Wall, a visit to Sycamore Gap is a must. This iconic site is one of the most photographed spots along Hadrian’s Wall as well as being a popular destination for sightseers. Sycamore Gap is a stunning natural feature. It’s a dramatic dip in the landscape with a beautiful, solitary sycamore tree growing in the middle. It’s perfect spot for a peaceful stroll, with stunning views of the rolling hills and a variety of wildlife.

In each of these photographs Michael captures the remote beauty and timelessness of the Northumbrian landscape.

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Sycamore Gap by Michael Paul Bennett

Printable Sycamore Gap Photography

Steel Rigg Hadrians Wall

Cragside Printable Wall Art

Cragside House, located in Northumberland, is an iconic Victorian estate, long admired for its grandeur and beauty. Built in 1863, it was the first building to be lit by hydro-electricity and was designed by the renowned architect, Norman Shaw. It was also home to Lord Armstrong, the wealthy industrialist and innovator. Lord Armstrong was responsible for the introduction of hydro-electric power in the region.

The house and grounds are now open to the public and are a must-see for anyone interested in exploring these fascinating features. Visitors can marvel at the grand architecture, take in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and learn about the estate’s unique history. From the majestic gardens to the architecturally significant house, Cragside is an incredible place to explore and discover.

Michael captures the scale of the house which you can see through the fog in this beautiful printable photograph.

Cragside House Bridge

Stunning Gardens

The gardens and grounds surrounding Cragside House are expansive and beautiful. The original gardens were designed by William Robinson, the famous English gardening expert. The grounds were later redesigned by the renowned architect, Edwin Lutyens. Cragside is surrounded by two formal gardens, including a walled rose garden and a herb garden. Visitors can stroll along the tree-lined walkways of the woodland and rock gardens. They can explore the many flower beds, and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

In the following picture Michael skillfully captures the reflection of the house in the stream from the rock garden below.

Cragside House