Creating a Halloween wall art gallery from printable art

For lovers of Witchy Wall Art or Dark Academia Artworks, creating a Halloween wall art gallery from printable art can be a fun and creative project to set the spooky mood in your home during the Halloween season. Here are the steps to help you create your Halloween wall art gallery:

1. Find your space

Find a great space for your Dark Academia or Halloween Gallery. Whilst you won’t know what your gallery will look like its important to know the dimensions of your space and surrounding colours. This will give you a good idea of the size, number and colour of your Halloween Artwork.

2. Choose Your Halloween Art

Browse through different printable Halloween art options and choose those that fit your theme and style. You can mix and match different types of art, including vintage Halloween images, spooky quotes, or contemporary witchy wall art designs. We have a Dark Academia printable art category which will help get your started. The gallery below is a mixture of digitally remastered vintage art, photography by Michael Paul Bennett and modern digital art by Seeress and Duncan Young – all of which can be found in our printable art shop.

Printable Artwork Halloween Gallery Wall 2023

3. Map out your gallery

From the printable artworks you have chosen you will be able to determine how to best fit them in your space. We recommend drawing a rough pencil sketch of your space with various layouts of the artwork. This will help you assess whether your concept will work before committing to any spend. If you have any issues with sizes and ratios contact the seller before you buy the printable art as they may be able to provide a different size/ crop with the download.

4. Buy and Download Your Halloween Art

Now that you have chosen your artwork and mapped out the printable art gallery you just need to double check that the artwork you have chosen is the correct aspect ratio or that it is easy to crop and size.

5. Choose your frames

Choose frames that complement your Halloween theme and quality you are aiming for.

Wait until you have your frames so you can double check you are happy with them. You’ll need to check them against the size of your gallery wall and ensure you are happy with the size and colour of the frames.

You can also paint your frames (for example, black) to complement your Halloween/ dark academia wall art.

6. Print your artwork

If your frame are A4 or smaller then, if you have a good quality printer and paper then you can print your Halloween gallery artworks at home. If not then you can print them at a local print shop or at a reputable online printer.

Whatever solution you decide on make sure you use a high quality paper which will showcase the artwork to perfection and ensure a long lasting finish.

7. Frame your artwork

If required Trim the printed art to fit the frames. Use sharp scissors or a paper cutter for clean edges. Place each piece of art in its respective frame. Ensure they fit snugly and look presentable. Finally, use acid free picture mounting tape to secure the pictures in the frames.

8. Hang Your Art

Use a level and measuring tape to ensure your gallery is hung straight and spaced to create a compelling look. You can use picture-hanging hooks or adhesive strips for a damage-free installation. The gallery below is Seeress’ 2023 Halloween Gallery and can be purchased at a great price here.

9. Add Decorative Elements

Enhance the Halloween theme by adding decorative elements such as faux spider webs, black and orange pumpkin garlands, Halloween-themed lights, or spooky props like plastic spiders and skeletons.

10. Lighting

Consider adding some atmospheric lighting. Orange or purple LED string or spot lights can create a hauntingly beautiful effect.

11. Personalize Your Gallery

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also personalize some of the art with your own Halloween drawings, messages or typographic art.

12. Step Back and Adjust

Once you’ve hung your gallery, step back and assess the overall look. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure it’s visually appealing.

13. Enjoy Your Halloween Printable Wall Art Gallery

Your Halloween wall art gallery is now ready to delight visitors and add a spooky touch to your home during the Halloween season. Invite all of your friends around to be amazed!