Everything You Need to Know About Giclée Prints

Frida Kahlo Art by Seeress

Are you interested in creating giclée prints of your artwork or the art you have purchased from www.downloadartwork.com? You’re not alone. Many artists view giclée as an alternative to traditional printmaking techniques and as a way to make their work more accessible to the public. But what exactly is a giclée print, and how does it differ from other types of printing? Keep reading for everything you need to know about giclee prints.

What is a Giclee Print?

A giclée print is a reproduction of an artwork made with a high-quality inkjet printer and fine art paper. Giclée printers require high-resolution images (just like the large images sold by www.downloadartwork.com) as a source for printing high-quality reproductions on a wide range of materials. If you’ve ever purchased a print from an artist or from a gallery, there’s a good chance it was a giclée print. Giclee printing has become the industry standard for reproducing artwork and fine art prints. Essentially, giclée printing is the same process used to create high quality fine art prints and reproductions for museums. However, despite the fact that giclée printing is a very high-quality process, it is often less expensive than traditional art printing methods such as lithography and offset printing. Giclee printers use archival inks that are fade resistant and last, on average, between 75–100 years.

How Is Giclée Printing Different From Other Printmaking Techniques?

Giclée printing is different from traditional printmaking methods in a few ways. First, giclée printers use inkjet technology, while other printing methods use other types of technology, such as lithography (which uses a stone carving process) and offset printing (which uses a combination of plates and rubber). Second, giclée printers use archival inks and papers, while most other printing methods require non-archival inks and papers. This means that giclée printing is the best choice for producing high-quality reproductions that last for decades. Third, giclée printing is the only printing method that can reliably produce faithful reproductions on canvas.

Why Artists Choose to Make Giclee Prints

There are a number of reasons why artists choose to make giclée prints of their artwork. First, giclée printing produces high-quality reproductions that can be mounted on a variety of materials, including canvas, wood, and acrylic. Second, giclée printing is less expensive than other types of printing. Finally, giclée printing does not use non-archival inks and papers, which means that your high-quality reproductions will last for decades. Giclée printing has become the standard for producing high-quality reproductions of artwork and fine art prints. It is the only method that can produce reproductions on canvas and the only printing method that uses archival inks and papers. Giclée printing produces reproductions with a wide range of finishes, including gallery wraps (which have a raw, unfinished edge) and museum-quality UV-protection.

Should You Make a Giclée Print?

If you’re interested in making giclée prints of your artwork, you should first make sure that you’re satisfied with the quality of your images – all of our ultra large images at www.downloadartwork.com should be suitable but if in doubt please contact us. As a rule of thumb check the pixel dimension of your image and divide by 300 – an image 13,500 x 9000 will be able to print up to 45 inches wide by 30 inches tall.

Where to Find Affordable Giclée Printing Services

If you’re interested in making giclée prints of your artwork, you can find an affordable printer by searching online for “giclée printing services” or by reaching out on platforms such as Linkedin. Once you’ve found a giclée printing service, you’ll need to decide what type of finish you want for your reproductions. The most commonly available finishes include a gallery wrap (which has an unfinished edge), a raw edge (which has an unfinished edge), a fabric finish (which has a fabric-like texture), and a UV-protection (which has a smooth, glossy finish).


Giclée prints are a beautiful and cost-effective way to display your artwork. They’re printed on high-quality archival paper with archival inks and are available on a variety of materials, including canvas and acrylic. Giclée printing is the best way to produce high-quality reproductions of your artwork and is the only printing method that can produce reproductions on canvas. As you can see, there are many reasons to make giclée prints of your artwork, including the fact that they are less expensive than other types of printing, produce high-quality reproductions, and use archival inks and papers.