Fantasy AI Art by Duncan Young

We are delighted to offer a new collection of fantasy AI Art by Duncan Young. ‘Tentacle Creatures’ consists of 3 showcase Collages – each collage being made up up 32 highly detailed fantasy creatures.

Duncan Young Tentacle Creatures 2
Tentacle Creatures Collage 2 by Duncan Young

Duncan has created this amazing digital artwork utilising the latest Disco Diffusion notebook on Google Colab where he has the flexibility to work with both vertical and horizontal symmetry and the ability to control the weight of each. Combining this with his expertise in Photoshop Duncan is able to edit and render his artwork to produce the perfect atmospheric fantasy image.

AI Artwork by Duncan Young Tentacle Creatures 1
Tentacle Creatures Collage 1 AI Fantasy Art by Duncan Young

These extraordinary pieces of art can be printed over 33 inches wide by 45 inches tall without any loss in quality. Just take a look at how amazing this fantasy artwork could look in your room printed at full size.

Or, if you only have a small area, it still looks stunning.

Tentacle Creatures 3 Art print
Tentacle Creatures Collage 3 Smaller Print

In addition to this we will be making individual pieces available upon request. These pieces will consist of 1 ‘Tentacled Creature’ which can be reprinted at A5 size without any loss in quality – perfect for creating a gallery wall in a games room, study or office. Please contact us to find out more.

AI Creature 79
Single Image from Tentacle Creatures Collage 3