Game of Thrones Artwork – Exclusive Dog Prints!

Game of Thrones Inspired Artwork
Game of Thrones AI Artwork by Seeress

In our Game of Thrones Artwork we re-imagine the popular characters as dogs! Some are loved more than others and some have proven to be more important than we initially thought. While almost all of the characters hold a special place in our hearts, which ones win your heart above all others. Do you prefer the cunning and smart mind of Varys or perhaps you like the heroism of Jon Snow? Let’s find out which character stands out the most for you!

Game of Thrones Artwork – Lord Varys

First up on our list is the Master of Whispers, Varys. Though his intentions are questionable, it’s clear that Varys is a cunning and smart man who has no interest in seeing people die. His thirst for knowledge is what drives him in his quest for a better world and we have to admit that’s pretty admirable. Varys is friendly and easy going which is why we think the bulldog is an ideal avatar for him. Take a look in our shop here.

Varys AI art
Lord Varys by Seeress

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys makes the journey from being an innocent girl to a woman who rules with an iron fist. We have to admit that we’re impressed. There are very few women in the world who could go from being a scared girl to a ruthless woman in the way she does. Her strong will, braveness and independence make the Afghan Hound an ideal choice. Take a look here.

Daenerys AI Artwork
Daenerys Targaryen by Seeress

Jon Snow

Everybody loves Jon Snow and there’s really no excusing it. He’s a true hero in every sense of the word and we can’t help but love him. He’s proven time again that he’s there for his family and for the people of the realm. This is why we’ve chosen the friendly and loyal Cockapoo as his AI Art companion in our shop here.

Jon Snow AI Art by Seeress
Jon Snow by Seeress

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is the smartest man in the realm. He’s one of the few characters who has used his wits to overcome the extreme adversity he’s faced since the beginning. He’s gone through so much, but he’s always managed to find a way to keep moving forward and make the best of the situation he’s in. Tyrion has always been the most humane person in the series, and his compassion is what has truly made him stand out from the start. He’s always been the one who could see the best in people, and his ability to forgive others has made him a very special character. Happy, smart, and fun-loving make the Corgi the perfect match for Tyrion. Take a look here.

AI Artwork Tyrion
Tyrion Lannister by Seeress

Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister is one of the most hated characters in the Game of Thrones series. She’s done a lot of terrible things and we don’t think she’s ever truly shown remorse for them. She’s always had a thirst for power and it’s what made her do the things she did. She loves her family and she’s done everything in her power to keep them safe. She’s not a good person and she doesn’t try to be. She’s always been herself and she’s never tried to be anything else. Always alert and watchful, make her ideal companion piece the Doberman which you can see here.

Cersei Lannister Dog AI Art
Cersei Lannister by Seeress

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister is the elder brother of Cersei and the twin brother of Tyrion. He has always embodied the arrogance, pride, and selfishness of the Lannister family. He’s gone through a lot since the start of the series, and he’s been forced to re-evaluate everything he thought about himself the world around him. He has gone from being an immature, arrogant man who thought everything would be handed to him to a more mature, responsible man. The Golden Retriever is the perfect match for him. Take a look in our shop here.

Jamie Lannister AI Artwork by Seeress
Jaime Lannister by Seeress

We hope you enjoy our Game of Thrones inspired AI artwork. All of these pieces can be printed up to 30 inches by 45 inches without any loss in quality. Buy as an instant download from our shop here.