How We Created a Vibrant and Fun Art Commission for Novellos Restaurant with our Commercial Printable Art

We are always excited to work on new art projects, especially when they involve creating custom commercial printable artwork for our customers. In this blog post, we want to share with you the process and the results of our latest art commission for Novellos, a Mediterranean restaurant in Washington, UK.

Novellos is a contemporary and relaxed neighbourhood restaurant that serves Italian favourites with a modern twist. We wanted to create artwork that reflects their eclectic and quirky style, as well as their delicious food and drinks.

We designed 15 pieces of printable artwork that can be downloaded from our website, Our artwork features cool pictures of women, raccoons and a hipster that celebrate the diversity and creativity of Novello’s cuisine and existing decor.

In this blog post, we will show you some of our favourite prints in detail and explain how we came up with the ideas and the designs.

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How We Worked with Novellos to Understand Their Vision

Before we started working on the art commission, we had a meeting with the owners of Novellos to understand their vision and expectations. They showed us some examples of other galleries they had seen and liked, and told us what kind of mood and atmosphere they wanted to create in the new gallery area. They also gave us some feedback on our printable artworks at

We listened carefully to their input and took notes of their preferences. We agreed on the number, potential sizes, and formats of the printable artworks, as well as the timeline for producing drafts and final printable artwork.

We then went back to our studio and started brainstorming ideas for the artwork. We sketched out some rough concepts and draft digital images and sent them to Novellos for approval. They gave us some suggestions and comments, which we incorporated into our final designs.

We kept in touch with them throughout the process, sending them updates and drafts at every stage. We made sure that they were happy with the progress and satisfied with the results before sending them the final high resolution printable art files which would be printed at a professional printer on high quality paper.

A Cool Raccoon

Raccoon with cigar art

One of the prints that we are most proud of is this cool raccoon wearing glasses and smoking a Cuban cigar. We wanted to create a fun and playful character that would appeal to both kids and adults. We chose a raccoon because they are fun, smart, curious and adaptable animals. We also added some colourful geometric shapes in the background to create contrast and interest, and added some leaves to complement the existing décor.

A Woman Surrounded by a Collage of Paper Fans

Lady with fans printable wall art collage

Another print that we love is this woman surrounded by a collage of paper fans. We chose a woman as the main subject because we wanted to celebrate the beauty and the strength of women. We wanted to capture the warmth and the vibrancy of the Mediterranean climate and culture. We used paper fans as a symbol of cooling down and relaxing in the summer heat. We also added tropical leaves to create a dynamic and diverse composition which complemented the existing décor in the area.

An African Woman with Rainbow Sunglasses Surrounded by Hummingbirds

Black woman printable art in modern room

The last printable artwork that we want to share with you is this African woman with rainbow sunglasses surrounded by hummingbirds. We wanted to create a print that showcases the diversity and the richness of the Mediterranean region but also acknowledge the cultural ties between Africa and Europe. We also added rainbow sunglasses as a symbol of joy and optimism. We chose hummingbirds as a symbol of energy and movement, as well as their beauty and grace.

We also wanted to match this print with the rainforest themed wallpaper that Novellos has in their bar area

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned more about our art commission for Novellos restaurant.

You can download these printable artworks for PRIVATE use here.

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