Top 5 Pictures of Newcastle Bridges and the River Tyne

We have a great selection of fine art photography pictures of Newcastle Bridges and the River Tyne. Here we take a look at five of our favourites taken by artist/ photographer Michael Paul Bennett.

Dream Toon

This is a fantastic ‘inky’ evening shot taken on the north side of the River Tyne. Looking east towards the Tyne Bridge this wonderful piece draws you in to the Sage and the Millennium bridge on the horizon.

Tyne Bridge at Night by Michael Paul Bennett
Dream Toon by Michael Paul Bennett

The reflections on the River Tyne are captured perfectly without losing focus on the subject – the Tyne Bridge. Take a look at Dream Toon in our shop here.

Days Gone By

This is a beautiful twilight shot of the Tyne Bridge. Taken from the north quayside of the River Tyne, looking west, this fine art photography features a small fishing boat with the Tyne Bridge, the Swing Bridge and the High Level Bridge in the background.

Days Gone By Michael Paul Bennett
Days Gone By Photography by Michael Paul Bennett

Take a look at how Days Gone By could look in your home here.

The Eye of the Tyne

The Eye of the Tyne is a carefully constructed evening shot of the Tyne Bridge and the Swing Bridge. Taken from the Millennium Bridge, Michael times the exposure to perfection creating an ‘eye-like’ effect with the reflection on the water.

The eye of the Tyne by Michael Paul Bennett
The Eye of the Tyne by Michael Paul Bennett

This is a must have piece by any lover of Newcastle upon Tyne. Take a look at it in more detail here.

Hazy Memories

This evocative shot captures The Sage and the iconic bridges of the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside. Breath-taking and vibrant, Michael successfully captures the elegance of the Millennium Bridge spanning the river Tyne.

Hazy Memories by Michael Paul Bennett
Hazy Memories by Michael Paul Bennett

This unique work is available in our shop here.

Quayside Blues

This is a magnificent twilight panoramic photograph which captures five bridges over the River Tyne. From east to west these are:

  • The Millennium Bridge
  • The Tyne Bridge
  • The Swing Bridge
  • The High Level Bridge
  • The Redheugh Bridge
Amazing panoramic evening shot of the quayside in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.
Quayside Blues by Michael Paul Bennett

Taken from the north of the Tyne River, Michael cleverly uses the iconic Sage Building as a focal point to this piece with the ‘panoramic effect’ pulling the bridges into view on either side of the picture.

This amazing piece of fine art photography is available to download in our shop here.