Ways to display art: Rule of Three

The human eye loves “odd numbers” as it finds them more interesting. This is why “The Rule of Three” is fantastic for displaying pictures on your wall.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to display them symmetrical or in a more casual, random manner – the rule works regardless.

It’s also especially good for displaying different types of art – or different colours.

Take a look at these 3 wonderful pieces of printable wall art from our animal illustrative prints. The rule of three works perfectly randomly placing the 3 different size pictures and different orientations.

Rule of three demonstrated with 3 pieces from our illustrative animal collection

With ‘The Splash Collection‘ we have done something a little different. As each piece of wall art is of the same aspect ratio, in this example we have used the central piece as a focal point by making it a larger print than the two pictures at either size.

Splash Gallery Wall of 3 pictures
Three pieces from Duncan Young’s Splash Collection

Finally take a look at this wall art gallery featuring 2 pieces from Michael Paul Bennett’s ‘Crystal Ball Collection‘. In this example we have used the same piece of artwork to ‘frame’ the central piece. It works well as the portrait oriented artwork ‘frames’ the landscape orientation piece perfectly.

Displaying pictures with the rule of 3
Displaying pictures with the rule of 3 – The Crystal Ball Collection