Art for your Home Office

Working from home can be a challenge which makes it all the more important to have the right working environment to be super productive – and that includes the wall art you surround yourself with in your home office.

Our Luminous Art Collection contains many uplifting pieces of printable wall art which will inspire you when working in your study or home office.

Why not consider these 3 amazing and unique abstracts by Michael Paul Bennett which are exclusive to download from Download Artwork.

Coffee Bean

Whisps of brown and white create a dreamy coffee bean effect reminding you when its time to take a break!

Coffee Bean by Michael Paul Bennett in your home office

Take a well deserved break and take a further look at Coffee Bean in our shop.

Yin and Yang

Balance your mood and improve your motivation with this original vibrant abstract art.

Yin and Yang by Michael Paul Bennett in your home office

Take some time to rebalance and focus – get a further look at Yin and Yang here.

Mind Meld

Time to collaborate and “Zoom” with your colleague when two minds are better than one.

Mind Meld by Michael Paul Bennett in your home office

Call a “like-minded friend” and have a look at Mind Meld together.

Whatever look you want to create in your home office our Luminous Art collection will have something to suit your tastes and make your home office look amazing.